On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the A Day with Barangay was held in Barangay Libertad as part of the leadership program of Municipal Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez. The aim was to bring local services closer to our communities. Together with government employees such as department heads and men-in-uniform, the goal was to meet the needs of the barangay and provide appropriate service to everyone.

The program began with an opening message from Barangay Captain Julito Rojo and Municipal Vice Mayor Delma Edep. This was followed by a message from Hon. Christian V. Rodriguez, Municipal Mayor, who expressed his pleasure in serving the barangays. After the awarding ceremony for the Youth Camp and Youth Sports Program, a ceremony for Marriage Renewal of Vows followed. ‘Life is a journey…’ was the opening statement of Pastor Audine Tabangay to the 73 couples who attended the program, reminding everyone that God is the foundation of every marriage and family. The duration of the program was filled with music from the LGU Singers, which was enjoyed by the audience.

Food packs were also distributed to the Senior Citizens, along with the continued provision of services from the local government offices such as MHO, MDRRMO, MCR, MTDMO, and others. With these programs, the government’s service is truly ‘hitd naming sa inyo’ or ‘served for you’ as stated by CVR.

The A Day with Barangay program in Barangay Libertad was an excellent initiative by the local government to reach out to the community and provide them with the services they need. It was a great way to show that the government is committed to serving the people, and it was heartening to see the participation and enthusiasm of everyone involved.

Moreover, Taytay, Una Sa Lahat or “Taytay, Above all else” was the development campaign slogan of Christian V. Rodriguez, which means that Taytay is his top priority. This event shows his commitment to making Taytay a better place to live for its citizens. Through initiatives like A Day with Barangay, the local government can continue to build bridges with its people and provide them with the services they need to thrive.