Unang Youth Camp at Youth Sports Program, Pinuno ng Enerhiya ng mga Kabataan

The local government of Taytay, under the leadership of Municipal Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez, recently conducted its first Youth Camp and Youth Sports Program as part of “A Day with Barangay.” The two-day program, held in Barangay Libertad, was attended by Out-of-School Youth and In-School Youth from various barangays in the area. The event featured registration, a welcome program, group games, counseling sessions, spiritual focus, mental health and substance abuse advocacy, youth lectures, and an awarding and closing program. The youth expressed their enthusiasm to learn and return to school, while officials emphasized the importance of guiding the youth towards the right path. This program is seen as a positive step towards molding and guiding the youth of Taytay to become the hope of the nation.

Serving for You: A Day with Barangay Program Reaches Out to Barangay Libertad

The A Day with Barangay program in Barangay Libertad was an excellent initiative by the local government to reach out to the community and provide them with the services they need. Through initiatives like this, the government can continue to build bridges with its people and show its commitment to serving them. The event featured messages from government officials, an awarding ceremony for youth programs, a ceremony for Marriage Renewal of Vows, and music from the LGU Singers. Food packs were also distributed to senior citizens, and various government services were provided to the community. This program highlights the importance of bringing local services closer to the communities and improving the quality of life for citizens.

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Please highlight Health, Nutrition, Agricultural services
In the A Day with Barangay program held in Barangay Libertad, the local government aimed to bring local services closer to the community, including health, nutrition, and agricultural services. Various government offices such as MHO (Municipal Health Office) and agricultural services were present to provide appropriate services to everyone in the barangay. Food packs were also distributed to the senior citizens, highlighting the importance of nutrition in their daily lives. This event demonstrates the government’s commitment to providing essential services to the community and improving their overall well-being.