CVR Help Desk



The CVR Help Desk is a priority development program of the Office of the Municipal Mayor, through the Office of the Special Concern. The acronym CVR stands for Compassionate, Virtuous, and Responsive, a quality of service that the help desk aims to foster as it provides assistance to the LGUs clients, visitors, business partners, and more importantly its constituents, the Taytayanos.

The idea of a help desk was borne out of the experience of the Mayor’s Office during the pandemic, wherein there is a need to provide services through the phone, social media messenger platforms, and limited personal assistance to LGU clients as we implemented stricter guidelines during the COVID-19 restrictions imposed on face-to-face interactions.

As the restrictions slowly relax, the help desk will still function as the first go to contact of anyone transacting with the LGU Taytay, may it be in inquiries or clarifications for requirements on business registration, travel restrictions, birth, marriage, and death certificates, tourism and travel protocols, complaints and follow ups, and any other basic information that our clients may need as they conduct business with our municipal government. The help desks will be in charge of logging in and out of client requests, as well as in tracking the progress of complains and inquiries from frontline offices.

In addition, the staffs manning the help desks are also expected to assist in escorting guests and clients to the appropriate offices that they have to transact with, with the end goal of making the process less tedious, more client-friendly, always professional, and as the acronym of the help desk stands for, Compassionate, Virtuous, and Responsive.

Hotline numbers will be provided and these hotlines will be open Monday to Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM. In addition, the social media accounts will also be monitored regularly to immediately address any concerns coursed through social media communication platforms.