CVR Six (6) Point Development Agenda

These are the priority thrusts of the CVR Administration

CVR's Six (6) Point Development Agenda

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  1. Food security policy implementation;
  2. Adoption of Risk Management approach in promoting productivity growth;
  3. Strengthen intervention strategies on increasing management and intensified rally against illegal fishing campaigns:
  4. Provision of support and close coordination with the PNP Maritime Group, Philippine Coast Guard, and other government agencies to intensify the enforcement of laws in municipal waters of Taytay;
  5. Improvement of the municipal radio communication system to support LGU efforts against illegal activities that damage the aquatic and terrestrial environment;
  6. Engagement and advocacy on environment-friendly and sustainable practices; and water conservation, waste segregation and forest protection; and
  7. Strengthen collaboration with other government agencies in the implementation of laws for the protection of the environment.

Agenda No. 2 | HEALTH

  1. Extensive support for health and social welfare protection mechanisms and interventions;
  2. Strengthening health care systems capacity through medical staffing sufficient to meet the demands of the population;
  3. Continuous delivery of primary care, preventive care and promotion of health literacy;
  4. Capacity building and improved quality of human capital in health sector to help fill the gaps in aiding future crises/pandemics/emergence of communicable diseases; and
  5. Adoption and practice of adept crises management to battle communicable diseases.

Agenda No. 3 | EDUCATION

  1. Substantial support to remote learning plans, flexible learning options and other learning needs of the students;
  2. Provision of assistance towards the promotion of disaster resilient and responsive schools; and
  3. Continued access to education in a safe and inclusive learning environment.


  1. Delivery of prompt response to urgent social needs to cushion the impacts of existing local conditions to the most vulnerable populations in the locality;
  2. Formulate and facilitate support interventions to address post-traumatic issues such as suicide risk, anxiety and depression;
  3. Provide safety nets to those confronted with social problems such as but not limited to unemployment and gender violence and to improve the well-being and living conditions of the members of community;
  4. Support the integration process of individuals who have recovered from drug abuse and communicable diseases; and
  5. Mapping out and delivery of immediate response strategies for pandemics, disasters, and calamities affected individuals.

Agenda No. 5 | LOCAL REVENUE GENERATION (Focused on Tourism Development)

  1. Sound fiscal management and intensive Local Revenue Generation Efforts;
  2. Improved institutional development and policy support for property tax evaluation and collection mechanisms;
  3. Strengthening of local resource mobilization, public financial management and fiscal resilience;
  4. Implementation of tourism support infrastructures and services to encourage more tourism activities and generate local income and local jobs;
  5. Implementation of a unified tourism fee through the use of Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Fee System and online portals for payment;
  6. Conservation and development of Cultural Heritage properties of the municipality as means of local revenue generation;
  7. Enactment and implementation of an Investment Code that will provide attractive investment incentives to investors to jumpstart and stimulate the local economy and generate more local jobs; and
  8. Undertake accurate reporting, tax maps updating and property valuation assessments.


  1. Capability development for effective and efficient human and materials resources. Streamline government processes and transactions through the use of information and communication technologies and establishment of its department to support scientific and informed decision making;
  2. Public order and safety and disaster risk reduction management program;
  3. To uplift the standard of living of the citizens by enhancing productivity through agricultural programs, support to cooperatives and monitoring of projects and activities;
  4. To boost the municipality’s natural resources vis-à-vis conservation, agricultural farming and tourism potential by expanding the marine protected areas, utilizing the sanitary landfill site, delineation and reforestation of watershed and mangrove areas and other similar programs;
  5. To continually uphold the application of Salary Standardization Law or Republic Act 11466 – Fourth Tranche and the provision for additional benefits of employees;
  6. To secure and procure government sites and lots intended for future government projects and activities;
  7. To adhere to the new government budgeting and accounting procedures and be compliant to all provisions of rules and laws;
  8. Maximize utilization of resources in consideration of the targeted local revenues for 2022. Application of austerity measures for nominal expenses whose end goal is to maximize outputs. Expenses for Capital Outlay will be focused on the administration priorities and to those that would directly benefit the general public;
  9. The implementation of massive and long-awaited infrastructure development projects; and
  10. Cultural protection and development programs.