“Pasaporte” is a multi-purpose 26-page document that will be issued to tourists when they pay the Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Fee (CSTF) presently required by the municipality.

It will allow tourists to gain access to the town’s attractions while at the same time enabling the municipality to track their movements through the QR code that is scanned from the passport when they go to a destination. It will also serve as a main guide material when exploring in Taytay where important information about its culture, history and its attractions, to include banking, restaurants, hotels, emergency numbers to call.

Instead of getting a ticket for the CSTF, you will get this Pasaporte as a souvenir. When you visit one of the attractions, stayed at one of the accommodations, and dined at one of the restaurants in town, you will get a corresponding stamp. The Pasaporte is also utilized by the local tourism office in regulating the carrying capacity in tourist attractions, while at the same time, it is a tool that provides real time generation of tourism statistics data that will be used by the local tourism office and the municipality in coming up with a science-based policy and programs for the tourism industry.

To know more about Pasaporte, don’t hesitate to contact the Municipal Tourism Office.