The Municipal Government of Taytay, Palawan, headed by Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez, launched today, August 8, 2022, its first and official website ( This online platform is already available to the general public who are its main stakeholders and end users.
This initiative is in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Central and Provincial Offices which provided the digital infrastructure for the technical aspects of the website such as DNS registration. The website was developed in accordance to standards set by the DICT by the Municipal Information and Communications Technology Office (MICTO) in coordination with the other departments and sections within the municipal government. It is also managed by the said office.
Aligned with Mayor Christian’s directives of providing responsive services, encouraging public participation and ensuring accountability, the website was designed to create a system of governance that will lead to greater transparency in operations, expedite the delivery of public services, encourage proactive collaboration of the populace and conform with the directives of the national government on advances in information and communications technology.
Along with the launching of the official website is the adoption and rollout of the official email addresses of the Departments of the Municipality utilizing the official domain name For example, you may now connect with the Office of the Mayor through [email protected], office of the Municipal Administrator at [email protected], etc. click here for complete list of departments and their official email addresses and other contact details. With this, people will have confidence and be assured that they are transacting or communicating with legitimate and official channels of the Local Government Unit of Taytay, Palawan.
According to MICTO Designate Joseph D. Tubale , this website is one of the digital infrastructure projects in the pipeline that will gear up the Municipality of Taytay, Palawan towards E-Governance, bridging the gap between the LGU and its constituents in the digital space thereby increasing the public’s confidence in their government.