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The Municipal Equipment Pool Office (MEPO) is a local government office mandated to deliver and provide efficient and effective maintenance and repair of all municipal government vehicles and heavy equipment. The office was created distinct and separate from Engineering office through Resolution No.022-03 dated February 17, 2003 and have the objectives and functions under the section 3 of the said resolution, to modify the present set up of staff complement of the municipal equipment pool office in order to minimize bureaucracy which hampers the delivery of effective and efficient service without violating the provisions of section 4 hereof. The following are the mandates / functions of MEPO:

  • To take charge of the upkeep, repair and maintenance of all light and heavy equipment of the municipality, including all the vehicles owned by the municipal government. 
  • To make the municipal equipment pool office, self-reliant, enterprising, self-liquidating by making sure that it operates in a way that operating income exceeds that of operating expenses without jeopardizing the quality of services rendered thereby contributing additional revenue for the municipal government. 
  • To establish a system that would streamline the procurements of spare parts, mechanical tools, fuel and oil, supplies, and other incidental components of the pool in a way advantageous to the municipal government. 
  • To make available at all times all equipment needed by the municipal engineer in carrying out the implementation of the duly approved projects of the municipal government. 
  • To make sure all government projects be given utmost priority in the usage of equipment over that of rental offers from private persons or entities. 
  • To make sure that an inventory of all light and heavy equipment including spare parts, fuel and oil, mechanical tools and other properties under its office is updated daily. 
  • To submit to the office of the municipal mayor all purchases, orders pertaining to his office at least 15 days prior to co complete the depletion of the same so as not to hamper its operations due to the absence of supplies, spare parts and other important components of its office.


  • 1. Provision of operational equipment for the delivery of basic services;
    2. Provision of corrective, preventive, predictive, risk-based and condition-based maintenance of motor vehicles and machineries of the local government;
    3. Provision of Equipment pooling / warehousing / garage services;
    4. Rental Services of machineries and / or equipment of the local government pursuant to existing guidelines / municipal ordinance;

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