Taytay, Palawan – July 11, 2023 – Yesterday, the Municipality of Taytay, Palawan, witnessed a momentous occasion as the newly renovated office of the Mayor was unveiled and dedicated at the Second Floor of the Executive Building, Municipal Complex, Barangay Poblacion. The ceremony, led by Pastor Jacob Gabasa and Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez, was attended by municipal employees and esteemed guests.

Guided by Pastor Gabasa, the dedication ceremony centered on the purpose of dedicating the place, the individuals who will utilize it, and the events that will unfold within its walls to the Almighty God. The ceremony aimed to acknowledge God’s sovereignty over all things and individuals, offering worship and recognizing that without Him, everything would be meaningless. Pastor Gabasa emphasized the importance of the people inside the building, emphasizing that their kindness and character hold greater significance than the physical structure itself.

During his speech, Mayor Christian expressed heartfelt appreciation to the Taytayanos for their direct participation in the endeavor, highlighting that the renovation was made possible through the taxes paid by the people of Taytay. He emphasized that the building and office belonged to the Taytayanos, reaffirming their continuous involvement and active participation in Taytay’s governance, ultimately working towards a better municipality. The Mayor also extended his gratitude to all those involved in the renovation process.

The newly renovated office of the Mayor stands as a testament to the local government’s commitment to providing an efficient and comfortable working environment for its officials and employees. The upgraded facilities and modern design reflect the municipality’s dedication to progress and efficient service delivery. With this revamped office, Mayor Christian and the Municipal Government of Taytay aim to enhance their capacity to serve the people and ensure effective governance.

A highlight of the event was the ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the official opening of the office. Mayor Christian, accompanied by the Municipal Vice Mayor, Hon. Delma P. Edep, Municipal Administrator Robinson P. Morales, Pastor Gabasa, Sangguniang Bayan Members and Other municipal officials, and employees, proudly cut the ribbon, signifying the beginning of a new chapter for the Mayor’s office. Taytayanos in attendance expressed their enthusiasm and support for the government’s efforts to improve public service and strengthen community engagement.

The unveiling and dedication of the newly renovated office of the Mayor in Taytay, Palawan, marked a significant milestone for the municipality. It not only showcased the local government’s dedication to progress but also underscored the importance of its people in driving positive change. With its inviting and accessible office space, Mayor Christian and the entire Office of the Mayor warmly welcome Taytayanos, encouraging their active participation in building a better Taytay for all.